Trade Linkages

Access to markets is one of the main barriers for the women change-makers to be able to earn a sustainable livelihood for their family and community.

Zuri supports them to access these opportunities through providing trade linkages in the following ways:

Needs assessment

Diagnostic process to understand the needs of the woman changemaker

Partner / identification

Matching of the woman
changemaker with
relevant partner and kick
off discussions

Partnership Development Support

Ongoing discussions to ensure value creation for both partners

Partnership Onboarding

Partnership closure through signing of MOU or Co-operation

Fundraising Linkages

Zuri supports women access funds to help grow and scale their initiatives to increase impact through supporting them with fundraising and helping them build donor relationships.

Funding Needs Assessment

Diagnostic process to understand the funding needs of the woman changemaker

Investment Readiness Support

  • Support woman change maker with investment readiness and putting right structures in place
  • Engage donors or investors about the potential initiative to support.

Transaction Support and negotiation

Facilitate the discussions with potential donors or investors to ensure win-win scenario for both parties

Deal Closure

Close of the transaction process and provide the entrepreneur with post investment support if need be.