About us

Our Story

Zuri is HER story. The story of the outstanding unsung woman making an impact in her community. 8 years ago while seated at a round table with various Women Leaders from the Public and Private sector it dawned on Muthoni Mumo and Rita Njuguna, the two founders,  that only known change makers in the community were celebrated. The question then was, what happens to the woman making a difference, but no one knows about them, and no one is providing them an opportunity to scale up?

After visiting different companies that were doing women’s initiatives, we realized that none really made a consistent impact.

The seed was planted and we took it as our duty and responsibility to change this narrative. That is where our journey of Zuri Awards started back in 2017. 8 years later we have created a platform that recognizes, honors and celebrates these women by showcasing their work through digital and traditional storytelling while giving them access to networks to grow their initiatives.

Beyond just Zuri Awards, we wanted to have a deeper interaction with these women and this led to the launch of Zuri Foundation.

The Challenge

Women changemakers lack:

Our society has a large pool of unsung women heroes making an impact in their communities and would like to scale up of their initiatives.

There are opportunities for these women and by giving them a voice they are able to play an active role in building an equitable and inclusive society that can help them have a sustainable livelihood for themselves, their family and community.

Our Solution

Zuri Foundation is a platform celebrating and giving a voice to outstanding unsung women who are impacting lives of their communities through their work


The Foundation creates platforms, where government, developmental partners and brands come together to support women entrepreneurs in their journey.