Board of Directors

Anne Joy Michira

Marketing & Innovations Director For East Africa | KENYA BREWERIES LIMITED, EABL | DIAGEO


I love being African, the people’s welcoming nature, the sights & sounds of our diverse cultures and stunningly beautiful geographies. Africa is home to great leaders but is also known for less than admirable poverty indices; the quality of life for most Africans requires urgent resolution. Superb leadership is critical to building equitable societies and diversity - gender, ethnicity, or thought, transforms the quality of life. I am passionate about propelling young people to action, enabling them to leverage their purpose and exercise transformational leadership. My desire is to share my joy of innovation, enthusiasm for continuous excellence and focus on integrity. I believe that we all share the responsibility to make the world a better place, today for tomorrow's generation. I have built an extensive commercial career over 16 years with a solid competence in both trade & brand marketing. I focus on delivering sustainable, vibrant P&Ls and building empowered, engaged, functionally expert teams. I lead the Marketing and Innovations department for Kenya Breweries Limited, a subsidiary of East Africa's leading branded alcohol beverage business, that is home to a team of award-winning marketers charged with building some of East Africa’s biggest brands. I am Diageo’s Diversity & Inclusion champion in Africa, I ensure we build progressive and inclusive brands across the continent. I previously led marketing for both the Beer and Spirits portfolios where I spearheaded Tusker’s recovery plan, built world-class experiential platforms e.g Oktobafest and led the development of an East African Pilsner brand positioning. In spirits I led the explosion of Kenya’s Mainstream Spirits portfolio through world-class marketing of brands like Kenya Cane and Chrome Vodka; Kenya’s Mainstream Spirits business is now Diageo’s 2nd largest globally.

I began my career in 2005 with British American Tobacco (BAT), where for 10 years I worked my way up the ranks, starting as a Trade Marketing Representative, managing Key Accounts & Travel Retail for the East and Central Africa Area (ECAA) and developed and deployed the company’s promotional strategies for East Africa Markets as the Marketing Services Manager. As the Area Brand Manager, Aspirational Premium (East and Central Africa) I successfully launched two line extensions in Reunion with their contribution accounting for 38% of the brand’s sales before joining EABL. I live in Kenya and I am raising two handsome boys to live up to their full potential by continuing to lead the charge to transform our home.

Norah Muthoni Mumo

FOUNDER | Zuri Foundation

Muthoni, is a Serial Entrepreneur, Industrial Designer, and Academic Lecturer, with over 20 years of industry experience.

She is also the founder of Go Gaga Experiential, a company that focuses on creating technology-centric platforms, and Zuri Foundation, a platform aimed at empowering unsung women.

Rita Njuguna

Co-Founder and Director of Strategy and Programs | Zuri Foundation

Rita is a UX Marketing professional with over 18 years of experience in Product Marketing, Distribution, and Strategic Relationship Management in the telecommunications and Alternative Energy sectors.

She has strong managerial skills providing guidance and working closely with teams with a key focus on the end-user. With an extreme passion for technology, youth, and women empowerment both economically, intellectually and even socially, she is the co-founder of Go Gaga Experiential and Zuri Foundation.

Carol Wachira - Wanyama

Marketing Director | Royal Media Service

Carol is a well-seasoned media executive and currently the Marketing Director at Royal Media Services. While at Royal Media Services, Carol has been at the helm of the building of the Country’s top media brands today and engraining them into the lifestyles of Kenyans across Africa and beyond.

Her current role at Royal Media Services has seen her spear heading the Digital Transformation at the Group and the driving of the strategic direction for the digital future of the company and it’s products. This is in addition to her role in Television Content strategy for the group, for all externally acquired content.

A recipient of the prestigious ‘Top 40 Under 40 2016’ award as well as SOMA 2021’s Top 25 Women In Digital award, Carol bears a 360 degrees wealth of experience and valuable skills cutting across various aspects of strategic leadership.

Carol’s hands on experience with leading media companies has given her an extremely unique positioning, an exceptional network, and a clear understanding of the successful running of a business unit.

Carol is a Masters Degree holder in Strategic Management from the University of Nairobi, as well as an alumnus of Daystar University, for her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Business Administration.
She has attended various courses over the years, concerned with enriching her experience in her field.

Carol has additionally served at various levels as follows;

Previously Vice-Chair of the Marketing Society of Kenya (MSK), the umbrella body for Marketer’s in Kenya.

Previously a Member of the Advertising Standards Committee (ASC), whose mandate is to provide governance, solve industry disputes and support growth and development of advertising standards across the industry.

Previous Board member of the Daystar University Alumni Association (DUAA)

In her free time, Carol enjoys travelling the world and singing for a cause. She is part of the Nairobi Music Society (NMS) choir and previously, the Twakutukuza Trust Choir. Both choirs sings to support charity. She also enjoys mentorship of young and upcoming professionals at various levels. Carol is a lover of nature and actively supports causes concerned with conservation of our natural environment. She also enjoys deliberately spending quality time with her family.

Carol is a strong believer in the fact that each and every human being has a role and God given purpose in the walk of life. We must each strive to discover what this special calling within us is. We must also in the same bid, strive to give back to the communities within which we live. There is a lot we can do at a very small cost to our time and resources. The sense of fulfillment from giving is unparalleled.